Using Agile Tools Beyond the Office

Right now I’m using a google doc to manage my budget – I know – its sooo not  But anyway..

I’m really encouraged by this kid who is treating his whole semester as an iteration and has created a Kanban board that that feeds user story cards for all of his upcoming papers and labs onto the board based on a due date.  He’s got a query on his board so that he only sees cards on his Kanban board that are upcoming in the next seven days.

At the start of each semester he basically has a personal planning session where he inputs all of his due dates from his college syllabi as user stories.  He tags them and gives them dates.  Then, he’s off and running.

He’s even using his Cumulative Flow diagram to see where he might need to plan extra time to do work.

I’m so used to living in Rally and Jira on a day to day basis that I hadn’t really thought about transitioning my live into one of these tools. It makes sense to do so, I already have the knowledge.  And both Rally and Jira have free editions.

And my life needs this – I’ve got to move this year and plan a wedding.  I think if I don’t do this, I might lose my mind.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

In the mean time – watch this video and marvel at the ingenuity of youth!



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