Ship It

So I came across Ship It recently as Urban Slang because I’m a Game of Thrones Junkie and recently Briane of Tarth (my hero) and Tormund the wilding guy are starting a romantic relationship.

Evidently Ship it means:

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 10.48.11 AM.png


So of course, as an Agilist I’m automatically thinking Ship It means to ship a Potentially Shippable Increment of software.  But I like adding hastags #cute #romantic #lovey and the all important #POapproves to PSI.

Recently I was explaining my company’s product roadmap to a client and they said to me ‘I am amazed at how much confidence you have in the roadmap.’  And I said, “Well, product said it would happen, and so it will.  They always ship on time and they always commit to what they are going to ship.”

And I had to stop for a second and realize  that my expectations for software development had totally gone agile.   Meaning …I now trust in the team, and trust the delivery.  I remember never trusting in the delivery; only vetting a real production date when we were well past UAT and giving people a month timeframe in which UAT could start.

And now, I get excited about features before they’re in production.  I Ship them so much and brag about them like they are my babies. Wow…transition.

This…is scaled agile folks.  It’s why I drank the kool aid.





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