Why “Kosmothink”?


What’s up with that?

Here’s what my blog names means:

Ko is short for Michiko’s

MO is short for Modus Operendi

Modus Operandi  is Latin for ‘mode of operating’.  The MO is the result of the aggregation of all the thoughts, actions, methods, theories, and stressers in operation in an organization.  Everything in the organization’s environment, in the personal lives of the people in the organization, in the culture of the organization, in the economic environment of the organization,  affects how the organization operates.

This blog is about a holistic look into the human and technical systems of organizations to figure out what brings success and what doesn’t.  It’s about figuring out the MO by looking at things like:

  • Systems Theory
  • Human Systems in Software Development
  • Project Management in Software Development
  • Business Process Management in small enterprises
  • Success and Failure modes
  • Culture
  • Communication

Finally, the word ‘kosmo’ is a play on words for Cosmos, which is defined as ‘the universe seen as a well-ordered whole”.  Plus, kosmo is kinda cool and easy to remember.


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